Events Catering

Planning an event?

At Braaf Catering we care about the details because they make all the difference. The menu, the utensils, the flowers, the music, the pleasant waiters and of course our special way of integrating all of this to create your special event.

Team work: Our chefs, the Events Division, the kitchen workers and operations, all use their experience and expertise to produce thousands of events, making sure that your special day is no less than perfect.

Tastes: We get to know our customers and what they love, what they dream of and then we turn it into reality.

Events: Any kind of event. From intimate celebrations to events with hundreds of guests, family festivities to business events.

Certified: Braaf Catering has a manufacturing license and a Kashrut Certificate.

Business events with Braaf

Business events

Whether it is a team building event, a festive launching event, a directors meeting, or a fun evening for company workers, a personal touch is needed, with attention given to every detail.

Furfill your dreams

Private events

In a hall, a garden or in nature, your event will be unforgettable with a creative combination of flavors, smells, sights, senses, ambience, music and of course the people.

Take a break in life, with a pleasant and delicious dream.

Reaching Perfection

Company Events

There is no doubt that food plays an important role in any event. In company events, choosing the catering service and the dishes to be served becomes more complicated.