Business events with Braaf

Business events with Braaf

Whether it is a team building event, a festive launching event, a directors meeting, or a fun evening for company workers, a personal touch is needed, with attention given to every detail. Our customers know that we will help your event be worthwhile, leaving its positive impression for a long time.

Our Business Division at Braaf Catering is highly skilled and experienced in producing events for different companies and organizations. Specializing in business events of different sizes, from small events with 150 guests, to ‘Mega’ events with thousands of people.

We will cater your event to meet your specific needs, with the professional accompanying of our chef, the sales director and the logistics director, with the highest quality food, aesthetics and service, even in very large business events.

We offer “plate” events, finger food, cocktail events, brunches, breakfast and full meals, buffet or sit-down. Together we will choose what is best for you, according to the event you want and your budget.

Our customers include- Menache H. Eliachar, Naftali Avraham, The Ministry of Defense, Kibbutzim College, Merkavim, Tnuva, Embassies- USA, Canada, EU, and others.

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