Private events

In a hall, a garden or in nature, your event will be unforgettable with a creative combination of flavors, smells, sights, senses, ambience, music and of course the people.

Take a break in life, with a pleasant and delicious dream.

The Braff Catering Events Division has years of experience in producing private events of a wide range of styles and sizes. Throughout the entire process, you will be accompanied by the professional team, sales and the event producer. Every member of the team is responsible for a different aspect in planning the event. Food is not everything. It is funny we should say that but it is what we believe. The success of an event does not depend solely on the food. It has to do with creating the right atmosphere for your event.

We specialize in private event operations. We will set up a kitchen for you wherever you want the event to be, so that the food will be fresh and the salads seasoned at the last minute. The energetic producer and waiters will take care of all the rest. We are glad to recommend service providers in all fields according to the nature of your event and your budget.

Here are examples of styles we offer: an event inspired by the Wild West. Stews in heavy metal pots, catering with juicy Asado meat, empanadas, chorizos, etc. the waiters will also dress in the clothes of the Wild West, with plaid shirts and cowboy hats.

Diplomatic style: authentic Middle Eastern food at an event marking the end of the Ramadan fast at the US Embassy.

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