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We sat down, over a glass of red wine, in a peaceful atmosphere, with many ideas and thoughts, in order to share the experience with you. Small and amazing dishes…

A small glass of vegetables- grilled cherry tomatoes, red onion, eggplant, zucchini with pesto cream. Filo pastry fingers filled with creamed sweet potato, wintry vegetables that we hand picked and citrus and mint cream. Asian gazpacho soup with soy cream in lemon and coriander, in a rice leaf crunch. Thinly sliced vegetables in a creamy spicy tempura sauce. A tightly rolled Frittata with herbs, baked eggplant and tomatoes. A crispy sushi with salmon savage wrapped in nori seaweed and two types of sesame, panko with Japanese aioli. Mullet ceviche in Jaffa oranges, three peppers, tomatoes and coriander, on an avocado cream with ginger.

Tuna sashimi with a basket of onions, lemons and mint, on a papaya salad. Crostini with salmon we smoked, in the best tartar sauce. Fried red mullet with mint pesto and pickled lemon aioli. Thinly sliced beef fillet on burnt peppers and almonds, polenta cake and basil and pine nut spread. Scattered kebab on eggplant in olive oil with spicy aioli and mint. Lamb baklawa with desert spices, pine nuts, raisins with tahini and date honey. Sirloin tartar just like in France, with three onions, on a salted toast and an aioli with capers and chives. Asian meatballs with Miso consomme and cucumber salad, chili and coriander.

Does this sound interesting? All you have to do is choose four, even five, if you have a hard time deciding.

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