Cocktail events

Cocktail events have style, elegance and quality. A cocktail event will be well planned and detail oriented.

Even when you want to produce a cocktail event in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, you will need to consider the details and make sure every detail is thought through.

One of the most important parameters in cocktail events is the catering service. It is customary to serve small and special dishes during the event, dishes combining gourmet flavors, unconventional combinations and of the highest quality. In planning a cocktail party, you cannot just assemble a 3 dish meal. The style of the event requires a more sophisticated and precise menu. The menu in such occasions is usually made up of small meat dishes served on skewers, vegetable dishes based on mushrooms and eggplant, small pastries and delicious fish dishes.

In your cocktail event, the flavors and the design will stand out. Each dish is served as a bite, leaving a wonderful impression and the guests wanting more. The guests become curious about what else will be served and wanting more of what they tasted.

Most cocktail events take place in the business sector, usually targeting senior managers, investors and successful businessmen in Israel and overseas. Producing a classy event will require certain standards of quality. The guests will expect proper design, pleasant service, parking services, accessibility, security, privacy, a pleasant atmosphere, a bar and most of all, good food. The catering for the event should meet the style of the event. The dishes on the menu of the event say a lot about the style of the event and the hosts. The menu will be assembled according to the image you wish to create, combining luxury dishes, gourmet dishes, kosher food, vegetarian and vegan dishes, spicy South American cuisine, European style dishes and so on. You will be surprised to discover what a wide range of messages you can convey about the event through the menu.

If you are feeling stress about the event, you should know that this is very natural. Cocktail events require your full attention and the best service providers. That is where Braaf’s chefs and management team steps in. We have many years of experience in events. We receive orders for catering cocktail events daily and we will gladly share our experience, the amazing skills of our chefs and our gourmet dishes that will make your event a success. With a professional and experienced team at your side, putting together the menu will become a simple and even enjoyable task. We will invite you before the event to taste the dishes and these tastes will stay with you.

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