Company Events

There is no doubt that food plays an important role in any event. In company events, choosing the catering service and the dishes to be served becomes more complicated.

The organizers of the event want to produce an event that all the workers and guests can enjoy and they carefully plan the right dishes, flavors and design style.

Kosher Meat menu

Most event producers will choose a kosher meat menu for their event. The dishes we recommend include roasted meat, using the best meat and fresh vegetables.. The meat menu includes sirloin, entrecote, chicken, smoked Asado, grilled meat that gives the entire complex a wonderful smell, etc. The secret to delicious dishes is using the highest quality meat and the right grilling technique.

When your company event is special and unconventional, it should be expressed in the caterer you choose. Now is the time to dare to choose special dishes and add them to the menu. At company events, we will provide standard dishes along with the special tastes. We offer- 1. A spicy Mexican menu; 2. A Dim Sam Far East menu; 3. An authentic menu with hummus and traditional dishes; 4. A menu based on an assortment of salads and hot fresh pastries. No company event can be complete without special sweet desserts. Guests who leave before dessert will miss an amazing culinary experience.

The preparations in the kitchen for a company event

The team of chefs works for many hours in order for the guests to have an extraordinary culinary experience. The chefs are very excited before every event and before launching new dishes. Even when the menu is based on all the classic dishes, the preparations are intense and carefully designed. Our team works with the highest level of kitchen equipment.

Catering for company events can either be in the form of a buffet, or as a sit-down meal with waiters serving the guests. When the event is large or when the complex is small, the buffet option is not recommended. When guests have to wait in a long line, it ruins their experience. For every event, the chefs put together the menu after understanding what the nature of the event and the guests will be. They suggest the right dishes to meet these needs and try to integrate some of the classical dishes on the menu.

With Braaf Catering you will have intoxicating smells of meat dishes, wonderful desserts and surprising spicy food. The freshness, the quality of the ingredients, the service and the creativity guide our team all through the process. Good food is our profession and we are happy to serve it to you for a successful business event.

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